Friday, April 4, 2014

Cassandra Clare future series: The Wicked Powers

The Wicked Powers by Cassandra ClareFor those Cassandra Clare fans that didn't catch it in my last post, I believe Cassandra is giving us the title of another series far down the line: The Wicked Powers. See a screen shot below with the title highlighted.

The Wicked Powers By Cassandra Clare

Yes, it's a small reference, but if you've followed Casandra Clare at all, you know that nothing she does is by accident. She has been referring to TDA (The Dark Artifices) and TLH (The Last Hours) for a very long time and they are still a ways from publication. So, do I believe she has a fourth series in mind with a series title already decided? Absolutely. :)

What will The Wicked Powers be about? Will it be another shadowhunter series? I've no clue. My guess would be shadowhunter since it follows the right series naming pattern, but that is 100% a guess. Any fans with keener eyes than mine who may have seen the answers to these questions, PLEASE comment with your input!

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  1. BAAAAHHHH I cant wait!!! Magisterium come out the day after my birthday!! I love Cassandra Clare so much! She is a role model to me.


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