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Book Review: Night Broken (Mercedes Thompson, Book 8), By Patricia Briggs

Night Broken (Mercedes Thompson, book 8)
By Patricia Briggs
ISBN: 042525674X
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When Christy (Adam's ex-wife) comes running back to Adam with stalker trouble of the lethal variety, Mercy and the pack set out to find the creep. Meanwhile, the Fey want their walking stick back, and crime scenes are piling up. Will Mercy figure out how it's all connected before it's lights out for the Tri-Cities?

Night Broken is the eighth book in the Mercedes Thompson series and is exactly the mix of romance, mystery, action, and quick, high stakes, paranormal fun that fans of the series will expect. Unlike the prior book, Night Broken is told exclusively from Mercy's point of view. We meet a couple of very interesting new characters that I strongly suspect we will see again, and we get some additional information about what it means to be a walker. Overall, Night Broken falls easily into the middle of the pack as neither the most nor the least engaging Mercedes Thompson novel.

Please note that this is an adult urban/paranormal fantasy novel and contains material inappropriate for younger readers.

Night Broken Includes:
  • Kissing
  • Arousal/desire mentioned
  • Nudity (without detail - both in sexual and general shape-changer situations) 
  • References to past sexual assault(s) and some resulting psychological aftermath.
  • Several Sex scenes (Most are implied - references to nudity, arousal and climaxes. One is more detailed with numerous references to body positions, hands roaming, moving)
  • Profanity (this includes a single use of the F word)
  • Injuries (broken bones, blood, cuts, burns)
  • Killing / Death
  • Eating small bits of flesh for ceremonial purposes.
  • Murder scenes (includes disembowelment and much other unpleasantness, although it doesn't get truly gory)
Fans who have read the earlier books will find nothing more gruesome or sexually explicit than seen previously in the series.

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