Saturday, March 29, 2014

Book Review: Fates (Fates, Book 1), by Lanie Bross

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Fates (Fates, book 1)
By: Lanie Bross

Exiled from her home on a mystical island, Corinthe, a Fate, who is instructed to carry out meetings, love, and death according to the universe, is sent to Earth until she can learn to follow orders by making sure people’s fates are completed. But there’s just one problem: Corinthe is falling for Lucas Kaller, who is her last assignment before she can return home—and she’s been instructed to kill him.

Swept up in an adventure that will cross both her and Luc’s worlds, Corinthe finds her “human” feelings for Luc growing stronger, and he seems to feel the same way about her. When the time comes, how can she kill the person she loves? It includes:

• Deaths (some blood)
• Teenage smoking, drinking, and references to drug usage
• Profanity
• Some kissing, making out, and a couple references to sex

Fates is a moderately-paced young adult fantasy debut about love and redemption. The writing and plot can be choppy at times, and the ending leaves off on a suspenseful note. The romance is light, and even though the main character is an executor, the violence is very contained. There is also quite a bit of cursing in Luc’s chapters, although no extreme words are used. Appropriate for ages thirteen and up.

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