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Book Review: The Crown of Embers (Fire and Thorns, Book 2), By Rae Carson

Book Review: The Crown of Embers (Fire and Thorns Series, Book #2), By Rae Carson Cover Artwork
The Crown of Embers (Fire and Thorns, book 2)
By: Rae Carson
ISBN: 0062026518
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The new queen of a war ravaged nation, Elisa is just trying to survive.With a splintering kingdom and enemies inside her gates, it's critical that she find a way to be and do more - even if that means intentionally putting herself into danger and letting duty overrule her heart.

The Crown of Embers grasps your attention from the beginning and deposits you at the end yelling for the next book. The unique main character and her growth throughout the books is what leaves readers truly invested in the outcome.

It includes: 
  • Kissing (lips, necks, references to tongues)
  • Nudity (references to breasts and other general body regions)
  • Discuss taking someone as a lover
  • References to the loss of virginity
  • Use of birth control to eliminate possibility of pregnancy
  • Intent to have sex outside of marriage (although none takes place)
  • Homosexuality (embraces, infatuation with lover of the same gender)
  • Injuries (blood but no real gore)
  • Execution
  • Death
  • Affliction of physical pain as a form of punishment
  • Magic
  • God used as an exclamation
  • Throwing up

Like The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Book 1), The Crown of Embers mixes romance, mystery, adventure, and divine intent into an entertaining young adult fantasy, but it also tacks on a cliff hanger ending - So be prepared.

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