Thursday, August 15, 2013

Book Review: Silvertongue (Stoneheart Trilogy, Book 3)

By: Charlie Fletcher
ISBN: 1423101804

Time has stopped and war has come between the Spits and the Taints. With disaster all around them and new enemies to face, George and Eddie must draw upon their inner strength to find answers and take a stand.

Exciting from start to finish, Silvertongue is far and away my favorite book of the Stoneheart trilogy. Unlike the prior two books, there is never a lull in this installment. The character development and unfolding answers all culminate in a heartwarming ending.

Parents should be aware that this book contains:
  • non-gory violence
  • killing
  • injuries
  • drinking & intoxication
  • implied pregnancy outside of marriage
  • some non-violent descriptions of death on the mildly creepy side (nothing more disturbing than seen in Ironhand)
  • use of the words: bast***, damn it, bloody, and hell. 
On the whole a good conclusion to the series, though the content may not be appropriate for all the readers in the age group it would seem to be aimed at.

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