Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fairytale retellings & what do you recommend

Okay, so I enjoy fairy tales as much as the next girl and I've seen numerous reworkings of them on film.
To name a few:

There are, of course, many more fairytale based films and books. A select few really shine out as admirable re-tellings, others are merely predictable renditions of a familiar story, but one I have really enjoyed thus far is The Lunar Chronicles.

(Book Review)
Book one, Cinder, sets the tone immediately with a cinderella unlike all those that came before her: Cyborg and a machanic.The story has many original elements while still tipping its hat to the classic story in some fun ways.

I just finished book two, Scarlet, which continues Cinder's story while introduces us to Red Riding Hood, Grandma and Wolf in an equally unique manner. The two story are woven into each other and there's more fun on the horizon as book three reportedly will bring Rapunzel into the mix and book four introduces Snow White.

As it is far from completely published, I can not speak to the quality of the series as a whole, but thus far I have found the books to be enjoyable, easy to listen to (as I chose the audiobook route), and relatively clean for the Young Adult genre.

So, what fairytale re-tellings have you enjoyed? Can you give me any recommendations: Book or Movie?
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