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Book Summary: The City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, Book 1), By Cassandra Clare - Spoilers

Plot Summary: City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, Book #1), By Cassandra Clare Cover artCity of Bones (The Mortal Instruments, Book 1)
By: Cassandra Clare
ISBN: 1416914285
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The following book summary and all of the book summaries featured here contain spoilers. To read a content based review that does not include spoilers see my City of Bones book review or my Series Review of The Mortal Instruments.

City of Bones Plot Summary

While at a club with her best friend (Simon), Clary sees a blue-haired boy sneaking off with a girl to a backroom followed by two boys with knives. Sending Simon to get help, Clary runs after them and finds the two boys (Jace & Alec) and girl (Isabelle) interrogating the blue-haired boy. When Jace moves to kill him, Clary intervenes. Jace, Alec and Isabelle are surprised she can see them, call her a mundane and inform her that the blue-haired boy is really a demon. The demon boy attacks Jace and Jace kills him. The body disappears and when Simon and the security guard arrive they can't see Jace, Alec, and Isabelle. Clary tells Simon she was mistaken about the boys with the knives, but he doesn't believe her.

The next day Luke (A family friend who helped raise her. Her father died before she was born.) stops by with boxes and her mother says they are moving for the summer. Clary and her mother fight and Clary leaves to go to a poetry reading with Simon. Clary and Simon discuss Simon's lack of girlfriend and painfully endure the poetry until Clary notices Jace watching her.

Clary follows Jace outside where he tells her that she isn't an ordinary human being, and says he has to bring her to the institute to talk to someone named Hodge (his tutor). He tell her he is one of a group of humans called Shadowhunters (demon hunters) that normal humans (mundanes) don't know about. Apparently werewolves, fairies, and vampires are also real. Clary's mom (Jocelyn) calls, tells Clary not to come home, and says to tell Luke that "he's found me". There are crashing sounds and the phone goes dead.

Leaving Jace, Clary rushes home only to find it deserted and ripped apart. Then the demon attacks her. Clary tries to defend herself, but something hits her on the head and she blacks out. When she wakes, she is outside and Jace says the demon stung her. Jace draws a black rune on her arm to hide her until they're safe and she passes out again. Clary wakes three days later in the institute (Shadowhunter headquarters of sorts). Isabelle tells Clary that both of Jace's parents are dead.

While talking to Hodge and Jace, Clary discovers that she must have Shadowhunter blood. She calls Luke and he turns his back on her. Hodge tells Clary about a now dead Shadowhunter named Valentine who rebelled against the Clave and formed a group of Shadowhunters named the circle out of a desire to kill all the Downworlders (vampires, werewolves, fairies, warlocks). Valentine burned his home down around his child and himself. They found bodies.

Clary and Jace go to her home to see what's left and find it empty of everything, but a forsaken (mundane who've received Shadowhunter marks and turned into instruments of evil). Jace kills the forsaken and they talk with Clary's neighbor (Madam Dorothea) who happens to be a witch. Dorothea confirms that Clary's mother was a Shadowhunter. Clary goes through a portal in Dorothea's house and ends up at Luke's bookshop/house. Jace follows her there and they run into Simon. They search Luke's house and overhear Luke and two warlocks discussing how Valentine has Clary's mother and wants the mortal cup.

Jace, Clary and Simon hurry back to the institute where Simon is smitten with Isabelle and Clary and Jace report to Hodge. Hodge tells them that Clary's mother was Valentine's wife. He also tell them that Clary's mother, Jace's father, Alec and Isabelle's parents, Luke and Hodge himself were all part of the circle. Hodge is condemned to never step outside of the institute as a penalty for his past crimes against the Clave (Shadowhunter ruling body). Valentine may want to create an army with the mortal cup. Hodge says that the Clave will deal with finding valentine and rescuing Jocelyn, but Clary may decide whether to try and discover if she has repressed memories or a block in her mind.

Magnus Bane Quote Picture - City of Bones (The Mortal Instruments)
The silent brothers (creepy, powerful Shadowhunters) examine Clary and determine that there's a spell in her mind and only the one who put it there can remove it. They're able to get the name Magnus Bane from her mind. Isabelle is invited to a party hosted by Magnus Bane High Warlock of Brooklyn and they (Isabelle, Simon, Clary, Alex and Jace) attend in order to question Magnus. Magnus confirms that he placed a spell on Clary every two years to cause her to forget what she saw with her sight at her mother's request. He can't undo the spell, but he shows Clary a rune that allows her to read runes. Simon meanwhile drinks a fairy drink, turns into a rat, and gets kidnapped by vampires.

Things get ugly when Jace and Clary go to the Vampires hideout to get Simon back. They succeed in getting away with "rat Simon" when werewolves show and everything dissolves into chaos. Back at the institute, Jace and Clary have an impromptu picnic and things head towards romance until Simon (now human) walks in on them kissing. Jace takes off, and Simon (angry) tells Clary that he's been in love with her for years. Simon leaves and an upset Clary draws till she stumbles upon way to hide physical objects in pictures via runes. She hurries to show Jace, certain that her Mother hid the mortal cup in a set of tarot cards Jocelyn made for Madam Dorthea.

Simon drives Jace, Clary, Isabelle and Alex to Clary's house. Clary gets the mortal cup out of the tarot card. Dorothea becomes a vessel for a greater demon who demands the mortal cup. They are dangerously over matched until Simon uses Alec's bow and arrows to shoot out the skylight - the sunlight gets rid of the demon. Alec has demon poison in him and is in critical condition. Clary and Jace give Hodge the cup. Hodge uses a pet bird to attack Clary while he incapacitates Jace, then he summons Valentine and turns over the cup to him in exchange for Valentine lifting his curse (so that he can leave the institute). Valentine takes Jace with him and leaves. Hodge leaves. Clary gets free of her constraints and runs after Hodge who attempts to hurt or kill her when she won't let him go. A werewolf intervenes and attacks Hodge. Clary gets knocked unconscious.

When she wakes, Clary is in a building with Luke (the werewolf). Luke explains his Shadowhunter past, how he became a werewolf, how Jocelyn (Clary's mother) married Valentine, had a son with him, then betrayed him when his intentions became bad, how Valentine burnt down their home with Jocelyn's parents, her son (Jonathan Christopher) and himself in it. Luke fled with Jocelyn who was pregnant with Valentine's second child (Clary), but she was determined to leave him and the Clave behind claiming that Valentine was still alive. After she left, it took Luke years to find them. He is now the leader of the local pack.

Clary and Luke discover Valentine's location and rush to rescue Jocelyn and Jace with the wolf pack. They find Jocelyn unconscious then get separated in the fighting. Clary finds Jace who claims that his father is Valentine. Valentine confirms this but Clary won't believe it until Valentine calls Jace Jonathan, and Jace confirms that his initials are J.C.

Valentine tells Jace that Clary doesn't want to believe it because she loves him then explains that Clary is his sister - Jace isn't pleased. Valentine wants Clary and Jace to come with him to Idris, but Luke intervenes and they fight. Ultimately, Jace realizes that Valentine is a bad guy, but can't bring himself to kill his father and let's Valentine escape to Idris with the Mortal Cup.

Epilogue: Jocelyn continues to be unconscious and no-one knows how to wake her. Magnus Bane healed Alec. Jace agrees to go see Jocelyn in the hospital with Clary.

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