Monday, April 29, 2013

Book Review: Bloodlines (Bloodlines, Book 1), By Richelle Mead

Book Review: Bloodlines (Bloodlines, Book 1), By Richelle Mead Cover imageBy: Richelle Mead
ISBN: 1595143173

As an alchemist, Sydney's purpose is to protect humanity from the vampires that live among them, but not all vampires are the same. Sent undercover to protect a vampire princess, Sydney - studious and socially naive - finds finds that friendship and betrayal can come from unexpected places.

Bloodlines, a spin off series to Vampire Academy, is an easy and engrossing Young Adult read with a tone unique and enjoyable characters both new and familiar from Vampire Academy. It contains some fighting, injuries, non-graphic killing, blood-drinking, magic, awareness of sexual activity, drinking, hangovers, smoking, and tattoos on minors.

It is not necessary to have read Vampire Academy to understand Bloodlines - although some of the references to past events will be missed.

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  • Book 4: The Fiery Heart
  • Book 5: Untitled (expected Publication 2014)
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