Friday, February 1, 2013

Vampire Academy Movie Cast: Rose, Lissa, Dimitri

Rose, Lissa, and Dimitri have been officially cast for the new Vampire Academy movie, "Blood Sisters"
Vampire Academy Fans, there's movie news!
((If this is the first you're hearing of this, check out the latest VA Movie News!)

And our top three actors will be:

Rose: Zoey Deutch
Lissa: Lucy Fry
Dimitri: Danila Kozlovski

And, yes, Kozlovski is Russian. :-)

Sounds like their looking to shoot the movie this Summer.

The movie will be titled "Vampire Academy: Blood Sisters", at least that's the word from all the official sources I've seen at this point. According to the Official Vampire Academy Movie Facebook Page, Richelle Mead played a key role in choosing this name. 

You can read more about the director and script at "Vampire Academy" Film Takes Flight and see what Richelle Mead has to say about the casting and name on her site.

The name change doesn't bother me since it's always tricky having a series with the same name as the first book. Having the extra name will help clarify the films - assuming it does well enough for them to make more than one. What do you think of the name change?

What about the Actors?

Personally, I think they're a lot better than many of the other suggestions I heard slung around, but I like to reserve judgement till I see some of their acting. Are they what you expected? Better? Worse?

Rose will officially be played by Zoey Deutch in the new Vampire Academy Film, Blood Sisters  Lissa will officially be played by Lucy Fry in the new Vampire Academy Film, Blood Sisters  Dimitri will officially be played by Danila Kozlovski in the new Vampire Academy Film, Blood Sisters
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  1. Not what I expected...I agree about holding judgement until I see their acting. But I have to say, no matter how well Danila acts, I am a bit disappointed with his looks. I know they will probably change him up for the movie, so fingers crossed. I just think he needs long hair and some facial hair, but he's still just not the kind of sexy I pictured as Dimitri :p oh well.

  2. Kozlovski doesn't really meet my expectations of Dimitri at all. He just doesn't seem sexy enough.


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