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Book Summary: White Night (Dresden Files, Book 9), By Jim Butcher - Spoilers

Book Summary: White Night (Dresden Files, Book 9), By Jim Butcher Hardback Image
By: Jim Butcher
ISBN: 0451461037
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The following book summary and all of the book summaries featured here contain spoilers. To read a content based review that does not include spoilers check out my Series Review of the Dresden Files.

White Night Plot Summery

Harry looks at an alleged suicide (of a female practitioner) for Murphy and finds a magical message left by the murderer for someone like Harry to find. Harry asks if there have been other suicides. Murphy refers him to Butters then tackles an invisible Molly Carpenter (Harry's Apprentice) to the floor. After a little scolding and intimidation meant to make a dent in Molly's rebellious attitude, Harry and Molly go see Butters.

Butters hands over a pile of papers regarding supposed suicides that he believes were murders. One of the victims (Jessica Blanch) has no apparent cause of death and there is no information about her work, home, friends or family to be found. Molly agrees to look into the corpse's eyes to see if she can sense something of the woman's last moments. It works and they determine that Jessica Blanch was likely the victim of a sexual predator. They also find a magical message on the victim, indicating that the same killer was responsible for both murders.

Harry drops Molly off at home. She wants to help in the case, but Harry has her do a magical exercise to determine if she's ready and she is unable to complete it.

Harry goes to Macnallys to go through the files and Mac (the bartender) tells Harry that the local small timer community has begun fearing him because of his warden cloak and points him towards a group called the Ordo Lebes and a woman named Anna Ash.

Harry and Murphy track down the group at Anna's house. The group of women (including the unpleasant Precila and Helen Becket - who was involved in some black magic many years earlier) greet Harry with suspicion and distrust. Several of their members have been killed and many others from the magical community have disappeared. Some were last seen in the company of a tall man wearing a cloak (the group believes Harry is the man), while many others were seen with a pale dark haired man that matches Thomas' description. None of the women have a connection to Jessica Blanch.

Murphy's car explodes as they're approaching it and they part company to simplify the process with the police.

Unable to reach Thomas by phone, Harry goes to Thomas's apartment and finds a wall covered in information about the victims. Harry has Lasciel's shadow make a mental copy of the wall and returns home.

Back at home Harry studies the mental image Lasciel projects for him. Thomas was shadowing a lot of the people, but Harry can't believe that Thomas is responsible for the deaths.

Lasciel then leads Harry to the realization that there was someone at the Ordo Lebes meeting under a vale. Deducing that either the group purposefully hid someone from him or the killer could have been hiding right there amidst the Ordo, Harry hurries back to Anna's  apartment. He discovers that Anna hired Elain Malery (the veiled person, a private investigator, and his ex). Elain believes Anna is the killer's next target and says that the killer has been active in many other cities. The killer sets off a fire in the building and they hurry to escape with all the other residents. Harry sees and chases a tall cloaked man, then settles for getting materials sufficient for tracking the killer(nicknamed grey cloak)'s car. Anna and Elain leave to gather the Ordo for safety.

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Back home, Harry uses little Chicago to trace Grey Cloak. He discovers that grey cloak is Connected with a group called "The Circle", associates with Cowl, and is working with another unknown individual (the passenger) who has apparently crossed Harry before. Grey cloak (a malvora - white court vampire who feeds on fear) and the passenger are setting Harry against a Scavis (white court vampire who feeds on despair) who is apparently responsible for a certain number of the killings.

Harry lets Ramirez know that the wardens are being framed for the murders.

Harry goes to the Ordo and confronts Mrs. Becket about her potential involvement. She appears innocent. Another member of the Ordo has disappeared and footage shows her with Thomas. Harry leaves Mouse with the Ordo and tells them to stay together and get somewhere public. Harry and Elain track Thomas to his boat.

Thomas has been taking potential victims to a safe house before the killer can get to them. Many women and children are safely hidden on his boat. Then they are attacked by a group of gouls and Madrigal Raith (Thomas' Cousin). They get away and Harry realizes that Madrigal is the passenger. Thomas tries to maintain dependability, but helps Harry see that there are three different killers at work.

Elain is unable to contact the Ordo and she and Harry find Anna dead in another suicide/murder. They track the remaining Ordo members minus Helen Becket and discover that they split up after Becket insisted on going to work. Becket then called and told Priscilla that she needed them to come get her. Priscilla and Anna had done so. Pricilla returned when Anna and Becket ran an errand. Harry and Elain take the remaining Ordo members to where Thomas has the others in hiding.

Murphy tells Harry that Jessica Blanch worked for Marcone and they go to question her place of work to get more information. Becket, working under the name Mrs Demeter, runs the establishment and knew Jessica. Harry realizes that Madrigle saw them together and assumed Jessica was an Ordo member. After soul gazing Becket, Harry is sure that she is not involved with the killings and he realizes that Pricilla is actually the Scavis. With the Scavis holed up with all the potential victims, Harry and Murphy hurry to get back. They get back to the car and discover Molly hiding in the back seat. Harry uses some pointed intimidation to make a point to Molly that she isn't taking this stuff seriously. They leave with Molly and Harry explains to Murphy that the Scavis to trying to prove how easy it is to eliminate all the people capable of giving birth to new wizards, basically why the white court doesn't need to make peace with the wizards. Madrigle and Grey Cloak are trying to swoop in at the last second and take the credit.

Harry uses a spell to warn Elain before they get there. Elain is under a phycic attack, but breaks free and attacks the Scavis. After they finish off the Scavis, Thomas confirms that there's a white court meeting coming up to discuss the possible peace. Elain was injured in the Scavis attack and goes to the hospital.

Ramirez shows up the day of the White Court Meeting to go with Harry to issue challenge against Madrigal and Grey Cloak under the accords. Molly comes by explaining that she's afraid to go and doesn't want to, but that she needs to help because she feels it's the right thing to do. Harry says she's ready. When they get there, Harry has Molly stay with the car and mouse as an emergency get away vehicle.

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Lara Raith takes Harry and Ramirez to the Entrance to the deeps and Justine sneaks them close enough to hear what's going on. Harry issues challenge to Grey Cloak and Madrigal who are politically outmaneuvered into accepting. Harry and Ramirez kill Madrigal, but when they go to take out grey cloak he calls upon a master, opens a doorway, and commands he ghouls that pour out of it to kill everyone. Harry opens his own doorway to the Nevernever, and Thomas, Murphy, Marcone, and a bunch of Marcone's goons come through. Together they get many of the innocent bystanders and the vampire house of Raith through the gate to the Nevernever. Harry, Thomas, Marcone, and Lara are about to go through when Grey Cloak hits them all with a phycic attack. The cave is set to explode in less than two minutes.

Lasciel's shadow informs Harry that Grey Cloak is possessed by an outsider and that there were special circumstances surrounding his birth that give him the ability to defeat outsiders (like he did with he-who-walks-behind when he was 16). Lasciel gives him an opening to break free from the phycic attack and takes a phycic bullet for him that ultimately unmakes and removes her completely from his mind.

Harry gets Grey Cloak to agree to let them go. Marcone and Thomas get through to safety and then Cowl steps through the other gate and starts throwing power around. Harry's gate closes. With seconds to go Harry and Lara get to the cave entrance and Harry uses his shield to let the blast catapult them to safety.

Harry confronts Lara about her involvement in the plan (planting seeds in the players heads to pit her opponents against each other) and gets her to agree to pay money to the victims dependents. Molly drives Harry home. Murphy stops by and they can only speculate as to whom blew up her car. At the hospital Harry sees Elain before she leaves and they agree to use the money for people with no dependents to create a network of groups like the Ordo all over the US so that future problems can get reported to the network and hopefully save lives. Ramirez is recovering. Harry follows Thomas and learns that he's working as a hair stylist at an upper class boutique he opened. He feeds in very small amounts off the women he works on trying not to cause harm to any of them. Each feeding doesn't amount to much, but the combined total is enough.

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