Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Book Review: Cold Days (Dresden Files, Book 14), By Jim Butcher

Book Review: Cold Days (Dresden Files Series, Book #14), By Jim Butcher Cover Artwork
Cold Days (Dresden Files, book 14)
By: Jim Butcher
ISBN: 0451464400
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As if being alive wasn't enough to take in, Harry Dresden is now the Winter Knight - with all the fun or not so fun that goes with it. Working for the queen of evil has its dangers, but even Harry didn't anticipate the scope of impossibility and potential doom that his first assignment would entail.

Cold Days picks up not long after Ghost Story left off with all the intrigue, mystery, and page turning intensity that characterizes each and every book of the Dresden Files. This story explores some new areas, makes surprising revelations (that stretch all the way back to book 1),  and leaves you reeling from unforeseen twists.

It contains:
  • Kissing
  • Full Nudity (Male and Female)
  • Predatory desire to have forced sex
  • References to erections
  • References to homosexuality and anonymous sexual acts between men
  • Brief conversations about sex
  • Profanity (includes multiple uses of the F word)
  • Use of various magic
  • Injuries (blood, broken bones, but no real gore)
  • Killing
  • Drinking
The violence and sexuality is similar to that seen in prior books and moderate in comparison to some of the previous installments.

While it is entirely possible to pick up and enjoy this book without prior knowledge of the Dresden Files, I strongly recommend new readers start with a much earlier book as the enjoyable nuances of the characters, changing relationships, and building plot will be lost on you otherwise. See my review of Storm Front (Book 1) or Fool Moon (Book 2)

Dresden Files (Series Review)

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