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Book Review: Shatter Me (Book 1), By Tehereh Mafi

Book Review: Shatter Me (Book 1), By Tehereh Mafi Cover Art
Shatter Me (Book 1)
By: Tehereh Mafi
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ISBN: 0062085484
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Juliette will die in prison, friendless and untouched, it's only a matter of time. No one wants to befriend a monster. At least that's what she thought before Adam walked into her cell and the world turned upside down. With a future full of possibilities too terrible to imagine and too wonderful to dream, she just might shatter under the weight of it all.

Shatter Me mixes intensely intimate romance, with action, and a touch of the paranormal to get an entertaining young adult dystopia.  The writing style itself is unique and engaging, with an intentional lack of punctuation that can occasionally become distracting - though the easy flowing nature of the story compensates for these momentary hang ups quite well.

The story includes:
  • Some profanity
  • Use of drugs to sedate or cause sleep
  • Physical abuse by a parent (recounted)
  • Non-graphic references to various torture and physical mistreatment
  • Injuries (blood, no gore)
  • Killing
  • Boy / girl (teens) sleeping in same bed
  • Kissing (mouth, chest, neck)
  • Touching (all over)
  • Arousal and desire
  • Making out with intention of having sex

Readers should be aware that while there is no actual sex in the pages of this book, touching and being touched is a fairly substantial aspect of the story line.

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  1. I loved that book. I especially liked how emotional it was. Check out my review at :)


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