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Book Review: Fool Moon (Dresden Files, Book 2), By Jim Butcher

Fool Moon (The Dresden Files #2)Fool Moon (Dresden Files, book 2)
By: Jim Butcher
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Harry Dresden is Chicago's only wizard for hire, so when mutilated corpses start turning up at the full moon - the Chicago PD has a job for him to do, and you can bet it will be dangerous.

Fool Moon is written in the slightly obnoxious and enjoyable tone that Butcher does so well. The story is engaging and interesting, but very adult in content.

The book is heavy on:
  • gruesome images 
  • killing
  • death
  • nudity 
      and also contains
  • General sexual awareness
  • animals mating
  • a non-descriptive sex scene
  • language (includes the F word & the use of God and Jesus as profanity)
This is an adult book and I do not recommend it as a young adult read. 

Fool Moon is the second book of the Dresden Files and picks up the story where Storm Front (Book 1) left off. It is not necessary to read the first eleven books in order as the pertinent details for each story are provided in the book. However the overall plot of the series is best understood when read in order.

Dresden Files (Series Review)

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