Thursday, August 23, 2012

Book Review: Under the Never Sky (Book 1), By Veronica Rossi

Book Review: Under the Never Sky (Book 1), By Veronica Rossi Cover art USA
Under the Never Sky (Book 1)
By: Veronica Rossi
ISBN: 006207203X
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When all communication from her mother's pod stops, Aria is determined to discover what's going on. Exiled for her actions, she finds herself in a world both more terrible, and more wonderful than she could ever have imagined.

Under the Never Sky is the first book in a young adult Dystopian series. Constant changes both to the situation, the characters, and their relationship move this story forward in a way that never leaves you sure what to expect. 

It contains:
  • kissing
  • sexual implications
  • desires to touch and do other things with individuals of the opposite sex
  • sex outside of marriage (minimal description, but referenced many times)
  • references to a girl's "first blood" aka period
  • drinking & drunkenness
  • law-breaking
  • injuries
  • killing

The injuries are not particularly gruesome and the killing is pretty straight forward with references to blood, and the body part that's been injured or severed. I recommend discretion with younger readers due to the degree of sexual content.

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  1. May have to get this one and read. sounds great.

  2. I +1'd this and noticed that the text is for the Under the Never Sky review but for some reason the book pic was of The Mortal Instruments City of Bones!! Is it just me or is it doing that to everyone? Don't get me wrong: I loved both books and don't mind recommending them both! LOL


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