Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book Review: The Darkening Dream, By Andy Gavin

By: Andy Gavin
ISBN: 1937945014
379 Pages
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Salem, Massachusetts 1913.

When a gruesome murder opens Sarah's eyes to the existence of vampires, she's determined to put an end to their reign of terror. Little does she know that the monster she hunts serves another far worse and she's just antagonizing the beast.

A historical, dark fantasy full of action, paranormal, and a good deal of creepy, The Darkening Dream is an engaging read that leaves you
looking for the sequel.

Readers should be aware that this book contains:

  • lies/deception
  • many disturbing and gruesome images of pain, injury, death, and killing
  • witchcraft
  • consorting with demons
  • death rituals
  • religion related name calling
  • profanity (damn it, F word, whore)
  • references to sodomy and sex slaves as well as sexual banter
  • male and female arousal
  • erections
  • full nudity with references to both male and female genitals
  • references to fingers being stuck up unmentionable places
  • awareness of sexual activity.

The level of sexuality in this story is more fitting an adult than a young adult book

Be sure to check out my interview with Author Andy Gavin for more information on The Darkening Dream!
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