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Series Review: Alpha & Omega, By Patricia Briggs

Alpha & Omega Series
By: Patricia Briggs
Review encompasses the 3 books and 1 novella currently published.
The fourth full length novel (Dead Heat) is expected to publish Spring 2015.

Over a century old, Charles thought he would always be alone. Now that he has Anna, his world is permanently turned upside-down and he never knows what to expect.  Rescued from an abusive pack by Charles Cornick, a powerful dominant who now claims to be her mate, Anna learns that she is actually a rare Omega wolf.  Together they face the dangers of a world that contains vampires, witches, fey and all sorts of other nasties, while learning more about each other and themselves. 

Alpha and Omega - The Novella
Alpha & Omega (the concurrent spin-off to Patricia Briggs' Mercedes Thompson series) is an intriguing and entertaining series with each book told from both Anna and her mate Charles' point of view.  The series began when Briggs wrote a novella entitled Alpha and Omega based on some background individuals in Mercy Thompson's world.
Cry Wolf (Book 1)

Book one (Cry Wolf) picks up within a few hours of where the novella leaves off and develops the story into a much larger and more in depth tale.  Filled with action, romance, suspense and a thorough dosing of the paranormal, each of the following books provides a conclusive and satisfying story with additional character development and insight into the larger overarching plot.

(A note on reading order: I read the first three books before going back and reading the novella. However, I strongly recommend starting with the novella as it provides a really nice introduction to the characters and flows seamlessly into the first book.)


As a whole the series contains:

- Some profanity (mostly things like hell, Bitch, damn)
- Injuries and killing (mostly just references to blood, and bones breaking, but there are occasionally some more grotesque things)
- Magic (pack magic, black pain or death based magic, and fey magic all enter into this series - though not into every book)
 - Nudity (due to the subject matter being werewolves there is a lot of references to nudity)
- Sexuality (All of the books contain some sexuality from references to arousal to somewhat detailed/heavily implied sex scenes)
- there are also references to sexual abuse, torture, blood drinking and eating of raw meat.

This is an adult series and I do not recommend it to young readers.

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Readers who enjoy this series may also enjoy Mercedes Thompson (Patricia Briggs) or the Dresden Files (Jim Butcher)

Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson, #1) Storm Front (The Dresden Files, #1)

To Fans of Mercedes Thompson

Alpha & Omega has a completely unique feel and very different main characters from the Mercedes Thompson books. The story is not presented in first person (like Mercedes Thompson) and there are two protagonists. However. I really enjoyed the contrast between the two series.

I strongly recommend these books to any fans of the Mercedes Thompson books and vice versa. There are a number of cameos that fans of either series will enjoy as well as an over-arching story that encompasses both series.

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