Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Book Review: Echo's Revenge (The Ultimate Game, Book 1), By Sean Austin

The Ultimate Game (Echo's Revenge Series, #1)
By: Sean Austin
ISBN: 098372640X
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Fourteen year old Reggie and his younger brother Jeremy are expert on-line gamers, but when the line between fantasy and reality disappears, they find themselves caught in a fight they don't know how to win.

Echo's Revenge combines gaming with science fiction in an easy flowing young adult read that keeps you guessing to the very end. Readers should be aware that it contains physical
abuse of children by an adult (hitting, shaking, banging against the wall, death threats, etc...), injuries such as burns and cuts, bullying, electrocution, a bare butt, farting, urinating, name calling and use of the phrase "wuss out".  Divorce and a dysfunctional home-life factor prominently into the backdrop of this story. Parents should be aware that while the story itself is aimed at readers age 10 and up, the content may be disturbing for some.
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