Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Book Review: Table 21, By T Rafael Cimino

Table 21By: T Rafael Cimino

Roman Sabarese, son and heir of the local mob king, has lived his life surrounded by suspicion and lies. All that suspicion comes to a head when Zoe Greene disappears from right under his nose, and while Roman races to find Zoe before it's too late, the forces of good and evil crowd in tight for the kill.

Table 21 is an entertaining mob related mystery written for an adult audience. It contains various mob style murders/torture
(gruesome, but not gory), profanity (including the F word and "Jesus"), prostitution, nudity, an erection, references to rape, as well as some non-graphic bathroom related material. Readers should be aware that while the beginning can seem disjointed due to multiple point of view characters – it all make sense once you get a little ways in and begin to see how the various pieces come together.
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