Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Book Review: MUSE (Volume 1), By Janica Stoff

MuseBy: Janica L. Stoff
ISBN: 9780615614434
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All Callie wanted for her sixteenth birthday was a drivers license - what she got, was the magical ability to freeze time. Pretty cool, unless you don't have a clue what's going on, and the only person who seems to know is your least favorite individual in the whole world. Then there's the matter of the monster on it's way to kill her. . .

MUSE is an easy flowing young adult read with strong links to Greek Mythology. It contains some language ("hell", The Lord's
name in vain), injuries, fighting (punching a parent, throwing things at a monster), ghosts, use of magic, throwing up, kissing (on lips and neck), bodies pressed together, a butt swat, and an intense desire for physical contact. There is also a significant amount of strife between the main character and the parental figures in the form of verbal fights, and parents demanding that a child keep information from another parent. MUSE is the first in a trilogy.

Parents may want to screen the sexual content and parent-child relationship material with young readers.

Readers who enjoy Mythology based fantasy may also enjoy Percy Jackson & The Lightning Thief
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