Friday, February 17, 2012

Book Review: Fire Baptized (The Habitat Series, Book 1), By Kenya Wright

Fire Baptized (The Habitat Series, Book 1)
By: Kenya Wright

The caged habitat may protect the humans from vampires, fairies, shifters, demons, and mixbreeds like Lanore, but it does nothing to protect supernaturals from each other. So when Lanore catches a murderer's eye, and the people around her start dying – there is no one but herself to save her skin.

Fire Baptized is an easy adult read set in a familiar yet very different world where the thugs can shape shift and the drug dealers are truly demons.

This book contains extensively detailed sexuality:
  • rape attempt
  • prostitution
  • strippers
  • lap dance
  • sexual banter
  • full nudity
  • arousal
  • erections
  • fondling
  • groping
  • sex scenes (detailing the progressive state of underwear,where fingers/other things are thrust, and tongues/mouths are employed)
It also includes gruesome images (burning flesh, chopped off limbs, dismembered bodies, and cannibalism), regular profanity (including the F word), illegal activity (stealing and drugs).
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