Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Book Review: The Deliverer (Marenon Chronicles, Book 1), By Jason D. Marrow

The Deliverer (The Marenon Chronicles, #1)
By: Jason D. Marrow

All his life Silas Ainsley believed that he was just another guy. Had he known better, he might have realized that from the moment those two strangers showed up on his doorstep nothing would ever be the same. Now he must unravel secrets that transcend both death and this world to learn the truth about his past and future.

The Deliverer is a moderately paced fantasy told from multiple points of view. It takes a little while for the various parts of the story to jell together, but once they do – both the story and world are very interesting. It contains bloody violence, gruesome images, killing, possession of one being's body by another and kissing. The writing can be a little awkward/confusing at times and the thoughts do not always flow together smoothly. Readers should be aware that, as a first book in a series, the ending is not entirely conclusive.
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