Thursday, November 17, 2011

Book Review: Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4), By Stephanie Meyer

Breaking Dawn (Twilight, Book 4), By Stephanie Meyer
Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, book 4)
By: Stephanie Meyer
ISBN-10: 0316067938 (Paperback)
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A wedding and immortality lies just around the corner. Bella's eternal happiness to be realized by the same thing that ensures her safety, but something unforeseen still has the power to destroy her.

The Volturi, wolves, and Bella's mortality will come to a head in this last chapter. Will tragedy become a miracle or will a miracle be destroyed in tragedy?

Parents should be aware that this story contains large amounts of sex related content, ranging from lying clothed in sexual positions to multiple sex scenes (with suggested rather than stated detail). The book presents a picture of life where sex is all consuming and could be unending. There are also some graphic descriptions of injuries, surgery, and blood consumption.

The ending is satisfactory, although a number of interesting plot points are left inconclusive. Overall, one of the more interesting plots in the series, but I strongly recommend parental guidance.

Breaking Dawn is the forth and final installment of the Twilight Saga. Unlike Twilight, New Moon, and EclipseBreaking Dawn is told from both Bella and Jacob's point of view, a difference that adds positively to the whole.

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  1. Although I enjoyed the storyline, the sex was overdone. Way overdone in my opinion. Thanks for posting a parental warning. :)

  2. I enjoyed this book and the rest of the series. I think many parents let their kids start reading the series- without reading it themselves first. The reading level isn't very high- and many 4th and 5th graders could easily read the books. That doesn't mean they should- and if parents knew about the sex in the 4th book (and how much Bella enjoys it) then I think more of them would have their children wait a bit longer to read the series. Still, for YAs and adults the books are quick and interesting. I was shocked by how many elementary age children were at the movies when I saw t last week! Crazy!


  3. Thank you for adding your thoughts! @tweezle

  4. Overall, I enjoyed the ending of this series, but I greatly disliked the inconclusive ending regarding Leah.

    Will you be reading Meyer's other works?

  5. Hi Melanie, Thank you for your comment! I've read all the twilight series, as well as the second short life of Bree Tanner (All reviews coming soon). Beyond that I was only aware of The Host, Which I will most likely read as soon as my current to read pile gets smaller. :) Does she have other books that I've missed? @Melanie


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