Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Book Review: Half Bad (Half Bad Trilogy, Book 1), by Sally Green

Half Bad (Half Bad Trilogy, book 1)
By: Sally Green
ISBN-10: 0670016780
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Nathan’s mother was a White witch, and his father is a Black witch, making him half good, half bad, and ultimately unpredictable.

Parents should be aware that this young adult book includes the following inappropriate content:

• Profanity (sh*t, b*tch, p*ss, bloody, and one bleeped-out f***, spelled just like that)
• Nudity
• Kissing and fantasizing about taking a girl’s clothes off and making love with her
• Violence (descriptive deaths and fighting; the main character is beaten and treated cruelly)
• Teens smoking

This is an incredibly dark story about good and evil, and the author often blurs the lines in between. Half Bad is the first book in a fantasy trilogy.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Book Review: I’ll Meet You There, by Heather Demetrios

I’ll Meet You There
By: Heather Demetrios
ISBN-10: 0805097953
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Sky works at a motel in small town Creek View, but when Josh returns home, now a scarred soldier who lost his leg fighting in Afghanistan, can Sky help him piece back together the person he used to be?

It contains:

• Profanity (extreme language throughout, with many F-word variants and uses of sh*t, Jesus Christ, godd*mn, p*ssy, d*ck, b*tch, *sshole, d*uche bag, and p*ss)
• Lots of crude sexual references
• Making out and nearly having sex
• A girl gives a boy oral sex (not much description, but this is referenced to a few times)
• Reference to train jumping
• A character suffers from PTSD
• Violent war flashbacks
• Drinking and smoking
• Wearing a skimpy outfit

I’ll Meet You There is a realistic, mature young adult standalone that explores young love and war-related trauma. The characters’ personalities are expertly written so they feel lifelike, but some readers may have a hard time getting past the book’s slow beginning.

Readers who enjoyed I’ll Meet You There might also like Emmy & Oliver, by Robin Benway.

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Friday, July 24, 2015

Book Review: The Chosen One, by Carol Lynch Williams

The Chosen One
By: Carol Lynch Williams
ISBN-10: 0312555113
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Kyra lives with her father, three mothers, and nineteen siblings in a secluded community, where polygamy is considered normal. But when Kyra is suddenly ordered to marry her much older uncle, she begins to question everything she has been taught.

This young adult novel contains:

• References to bras
• References to baby making and love making
• A birth scene (not too descriptive)
• Death (as well as thoughts of and references to killing)
• Violence (shooting; beatings and other disturbing acts of “discipline” inflicted on children)
• Mild language (“oh my gosh,” a few uses of h*ll, one “d*mn it”)
• Kissing
• Polygamy

The Chosen One has an easy-to-read writing style, but a not so easy-to-stomach story that focuses on many disturbing themes, such as mistreating women and children, and polygamy. Religion is also a big part of this book, but is mostly warped from the Christian perspective, except in the case of Kyra’s innocent prayers to God.

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Living Dead Girl by Elizabeth Scott

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Book Review: Hounded (The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book 1), by Kevin Hearne

Hounded (The Iron Druid Chronicles, Book 1)
By: Kevin Hearne
ISBN: 0345522478
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After centuries of running and hiding, Atticus has once again been discovered by the Irish god who wants him dead, only this time he's tired of running. Of course that means facing off with an angry, super powerful god, and that's only if he lives through all the lesser bad guys headed his way.

Meet Atticus O’Sullivan, the last surviving druid in a modern world where Druids are all but forgotten and beings far older and more powerful roam unnoticed.

Hounded is a fast moving, action packed story with an interesting setting and colorful cast of characters. While the ending may seem relatively conclusive, this is the first book and readers who continue on will find the series big on consequences.

Hounded is adult paranormal fantasy, often set in an urban environment and includes:
  • Profanity: B*tsh*t, *sshat, sh*t, b*tch, f word, wh*res
  • References to a male dog eager to spend time with a bunch of dogs in heat.
  • Various sexual innuendos
  • Full nudity
  • Implied arousal and desire for sex
  • Sex off camera
  • Killing/death
  • Knife and bullet wounds (blood)
  • Throat torn out
  • Bones protruding out of flesh
  • Head exploding
  • Much drinking, references to going to church drunk

The Iron Druid Chronicles is recommended to fans of adult urban fantasy such as The Dresden Files (Jim Butcher), Mercedes Thompson (Patricia Briggs), Kate Daniels (Ilona Andrews), Etc.

The Iron Druid Chronicles
  • Book 1: Hounded
  • Book 2: Hexed
  • Book 3: Hammered
  • Book 4: Tricked
  • Book 4.5: Two Ravens and One Crow 
  • Book 5: Trapped
  • Book 6: Hunted
  • Book 7: Shattered
  • Book 8: Staked (Expected Publication January 2016)
  • Book 9: Untitled

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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Book Review: The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds, Book 1), by Alexandra Bracken

The Darkest Minds (The Darkest Minds, book 1)
By: Alexandra Bracken
ISBN-10: 1423157370
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After an unknown disease sweeps across America, killing nearly every child in sight, concentration-like camps are resurrected to serve as prisons for those who survived, who have been left with powerful side effects from the disease.

Six years later, Ruby is sixteen and lives in a “rehabilitation” camp. She can barely keep her superpower to read minds a secret, and if anyone ever found out just how strong her ability has grown, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill her. Ruby knows that if she wants to live, she has to escape.

The Darkest Minds is a young adult book that contains the following:

• Profanity (a few F-words)
• Reference to tampons
• References to bras
• Making out
• Violence
• Child abuse

This is a dark look at a dystopian future that combines the science fiction, post-apocalyptic, and paranormal genres. The ending does deliver a surprising twist, but where you would expect at least some action from a nearly five-hundred-page book, The Darkest Minds is slow-paced, and focuses more on character development.

Readers who enjoyed The Darkest Minds might also like:

Angelfall, by Susan Ee

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Book Review: The Evolution of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer Trilogy, Book 2), by Michelle Hodkin

The Evolution of Mara Dyer (Mara Dyer Trilogy, book 2)
By: Michelle Hodkin
ISBN-10: 1442421797
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Mara is sent to a mental hospital after she supposedly tried to kill herself. But Mara knows the real truth: her ex-boyfriend is out to get her. But how can she protect herself, and sort out her ever-growing, deadly power, if everyone besides Noah believes that she’s crazy?

In this sequel that is just as fast-paced as The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer, the questions keep piling up. The Evolution of Mara Dyer ends with a cliffhanger, and has just as much of the creep factor, if not more so, than the first book.

The content of this book is similar to the first one, with the same amount of profanity, violence, sexual references, and suggestive banter, though the sexual tension between Mara and Noah is considerably higher, especially in one particular make out scene, and there is one mention of a past abortion.

More Mara Dyer reviews:
Book 1: The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Book Review: Bayou Moon (The Edge, Book 2), By Ilona Andrews

Book Review: Bayou Moon (The Edge, Book 2), By Ilona AndrewsBayou Moon (The Edge, book 2)
By: Ilona Andrews
ISBN: 0441019455
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When a child murderer from his past stirs up trouble in the Edge, William goes hunting.

Serie is waist deep in a family feud when William gets in her way.

Little do they know that soon they'll both be fighting for something far more valuable than revenge.

Bayou Moon is an enjoyable and moderately paced paranormal romance adventure with two unique but equally enjoyable point of view characters. Fans of On the Edge will likely enjoy the cameos of much loved characters. There are some strikingly similar plot points between On the Edge (book one) and Bayou Moon (book two), but on the whole the details, characters and settings are unique enough that the stories stand on their own feet. While there is an overarching world story playing out across this four book series, I believe both book one and book two can be read as stand alone tales.

Please note that Bayou Moon is an adult novel and contains:
  • Profanity (multiple uses of F word, Son of a bi*ch, d*mn, Sh*t
  • Images of dead children
  • Torture referenced
  • Nudity
  • Make out scene (clothing removal) 
  • Sex scene (detailed touching, licking, etc and referenced erections)
  • Use of magic to unnaturally alter another being, call upon spirits, and fight
  • Fighting/Killing
  • Severe injuries (blood referenced)
  • References to the attempted sexual assault of a child
  • Cannibalism mentioned in conversation

Readers who enjoy Bayou Moon may also enjoy:

Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, #1)
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Monday, July 6, 2015

Supporting Adoption! International New Release Giveaway (Winner's Choice): Aeronaunts Windlass, Winter, Unforgiven, Soundless and More!

Adopt Special Needs!

Hey Everyone! I'm doing a fabulous giveaway in honor of an amazing family's adoption. The winner will get to choose one of six soon-to-be-released books to be pre-ordered for them by me via Amazon Prime (prize options listed below). More on that in a moment, first lets meet the Conners!


As you could probably tell from the video, this is one special family in the process of adopting two precious little ones with special needs. International adoption is very expensive ($40,000) and they are working hard to save, earn and raise the necessary funds to bring baby brother (Gideon) and baby sister (still working on a name) home. You can read more about the Conners adoption journey, see videos, and more on their adoption site.

Giveaway Prize Options!

Winner gets to choose one of the following six upcoming releases to be pre-ordered for them. All of these book are set to be published between September 29th and November 10th. The Giveaway will end September 12th so that anyone who doesn't win can still pre-order any of these books if desired.

*Drum Roll*

 First off, from the author of the Dresden Files and Codex Alera comes an all new Steampunk series.

Second, it's been three years since Rapture (Fallen, book 4) was released and we were told the series was over. Guess what, there's more than just the Fallen Movie to look forward to in the Fallen Universe.

Have you been agonizing over the wait since Cress?

Vampire Academy is done. Bloodlines is done. But Richelle Mead has a new series just around the corner!

Do you love Rangers Apprentice? Well guess what! There's a prequel!

It's been four years since Sanderson's last Mistborn book, but the wait is nearly over!

How can you help and win an awesome new release?

Well first use the Rafflecopter form at the bottom of this post to Enter the Giveaway.

Once that's done:
  • Share this post/giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, Pinterest or anywhere else you can think of.
  •  Donate online or via check. 100% of all donations go towards the Conner adoption. (The Conners have qualified for two matching grants of $2,000, which means if they receive $4,000 in donations through Lifesong For Orphans, they will be given an additional $4,000.)
    1. Donate by Check - Send a Check to Lifesong for Orphans, PO Box 40, Gridley, IL 61744.
      In the memo, note (Conner / #5347) to assure it goes to the correct account.
    2.  Donate Online - Go to Select “Give to an Adoptive Family.” Complete the online form, filling in “Family Account Number” with #5347 and “Family Name” with Conner. Note PayPal charges an administrative fee (2.9% + $.30 USD per transaction).
  • Buy things on Amazon using this link - The Conners will get 6% from Amazon towards their adoption expenses.
Baby brother - Gideon

 Be sure to claim your extra giveaway entrees for doing any of the above!

Giveaway Rules/Conditions
  • Must be 18 to enter or have a guardian oven 18 years old enter for you.
  • Must provide accurate contact information in order to be contacted if you win
  • Dishonest entrees will result in disqualification
  • Winner will be chosen at random by Rafflecopter
  • If the winner lives in the USA he/she will have their choice of one of these six books in Hardback or Kindle format.
  • If the winner lives outside of the USA he/she must choose one of these six books in Kindle format.
  • Winner will be contacted by e-mail and will have 5 days to verify their desired prize and mailing address (hardback) or e-mail address (Kindle) - if a response is not received within five days a new winner will be chosen.
Note: You MUST have a valid e-mail address to receive either prize - false e-mail addresses leave no means of contacting you and/or sending a kindle prize.
Baby Sister Conner

Enter, Share, and Help Bring Them Home!


The decision to use these books as prizes was entirely my (Sarah of Sarah's Reviews) decision and is by no means meant to indicate that the authors/publishers/rafflecopter are promoting this giveaway and/or the Conners adoption. Likewise, it does not indicate any promotion or support of these books/authors/publishers/rafflecopter, etc by the Conners.

I can not be held responsible for any cancellation or postponement of the publication of any of these prizes, however if the chosen book does not end up being published or the date of publication is moved more than six months further out, I will happily work with the winner to secure them an alternative prize of comparable value.
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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Book Review: The Assassin’s Blade (Throne of Glass, Book 0.1–0.5), by Sarah J. Maas

The Assassin’s Blade (Throne of Glass, book 0.1–0.5)
By: Sarah J. Maas
ISBN-10: 1619633612
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The Assassin and the Pirate Lord

Celaena and Sam are sent on a mission by Arobynn to track down a pirate lord, but not everything goes according to plan.

The Assassin and the Healer

Yrene is a barmaid who has magical healing powers, but when she is attacked while doing her job, Celaena comes to the rescue.

The Assassin and the Desert

Celaena travels to the Red Desert to train with the Silent Assassins, but when their stronghold is breached, she is forced to fight alongside them if she wants to make it back home alive.

The Assassin and the Underworld

Celaena is sent on another mission by Arobynn, this time to defeat a couple of slave owners, but the task proves more dangerous than she anticipated.

The Assassin and the Empire

Celaena and Sam are now living on their own, free from Arobynn’s chains that confined them to him, but when Celaena sets out to complete a last job, one mistake is all it takes for her world to fall apart.

The Assassin’s Blade is a collection of five short stories following Celaena Sardothian, set before the events of Throne of Glass. You can read it before the books in the Throne of Glass series, but it’s best to be read after Throne of Glass, because some of the stories do contain spoilers for that book.

The stories contain:

• Violence (fighting, murder, torture, and bloody descriptions)
• Kissing
• Profanity (sh*t, d*mn, and h*ll)
• Drinking
• A group of rowdy men attempt to rape a young woman

More Throne of Glass reviews:
Book 1: Throne of Glass
Book 2: Crown of Midnight
Book 3: Heir of Fire

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Book Review: Red Queen (Red Queen, Book 1), by Victoria Aveyard

Red Queen (Red Queen, book 1)
By: Victoria Aveyard
ISBN-10: 0062310631
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Mare Barrow has Red blood. Reds live in poverty and serve the Silvers, who are superior to them because Silvers have supernatural abilities. So it comes as quite a shock when Mare discovers she has powers, too. Soon she’s whisked away to the palace where she must pretend to be a Silver. The cost at anyone finding out her true identity is a huge price to pay.

This is a young adult book that contains:

• Violence (fighting in arenas, shattering a young girl’s hand in punishment, executions, torture, slapping, forcing someone to murder their own father, an explosion, using superpowers to wreak chaos and hurt others, references to a war and deaths)
• Profanity (b*tch, d*mn, and h*ll)
• Kissing
• Drinking

Red Queen is a fast-paced fantasy debut that explores the idea of people being treated differently just because something about them is different (i.e. their blood). The ending is inconclusive as this is the first book in a trilogy.

Readers who enjoyed Red Queen might also like The Orphan Queen, by Jodi Meadows.

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