Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Book Review: The Mysterious Benedict Society (The Mysterious Benedict Society Series, Book 1), by Trenton Lee Stewart

The Mysterious Benedict Society (The Mysterious Benedict Society Series, book 1)
By: Trenton Lee Stewart
ISBN-10: 9780316057776
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Four children are given a series of tests to prove they are exceptional before being sent on a dangerous mission to impersonate schoolchildren at a secluded boarding school and defeat a deadly machine.

The Mysterious Benedict Society is a very clean and mysterious adventure–science fiction novel. There are some action scenes with minor violence, and a machine called the Whisperer may frighten younger readers. This book is the first in an exciting and intelligent middle grade series.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Book Review: The Spectacular Now, by Tim Tharp

The Spectacular Now
By: Tim Tharp
ISBN-10: 0375851798
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Sutter Keely is an unapologetic party animal. So when he meets shy, reserved Amy, he decides to take her under his wing and introduce her to the real world—at least his side of it.

It includes:

• Profanity (F-word variants, sh*t, d*ck, and p*ssy)
• Sexuality (a few explicate sex scenes, references to erections, masturbation, condoms, porn, tampons, and balls)
• Reference to a twenty year old having sex with a fourteen year old
• Violence (fistfight, slapping someone, a car wreck, and a broken arm)
• Lots of teenaged drinking and drunkenness
• A man is addicted to inhaling gasoline fumes and dies from it
• Teens smoke cigarettes and marijuana

The Spectacular Now is a hilarious and, at times, sad portrayal of the life of a wild, partying teenager. The story is full of profanity, sex, drinking, and drugs, all revolving around the main character.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Book Review: Okay for Now, by Gary D. Schmidt

Okay for Now
By: Gary D. Schmidt
ISBN-10: 0547152604
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In 1968 Doug and his family move to a new town that is tiny and sweltering hot. The people also don’t seem very friendly. While things are rough at home, the only thing that keeps Doug’s spirits up is his love for baseball. But when Doug visits the town’s library he discovers a bird book and finds a passion for drawing he never knew he had that might just turn his life around.

It includes:

• Stealing
• Fighting
• Cutting school
• The main character’s family is very poor
• Doug’s father is abusive to his children and wife
• A father forces his son to get an embarrassing tattoo (this scene is rather disturbing)
• A kiss on the cheek
• A father is an alcoholic and goes to bars with his buddies

Okay for Now explores the life of a young boy as he is bullied and finds hope again. This is a middle grade book but might be iffy for some younger readers.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Book Review: Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress World, Book 2), By Jeaniene Frost

Eternal Kiss of Darkness (Night Huntress World, Book 2)
By Jeaniene Frost
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With his end quickly approaching, Mencheres is getting his affairs in order, but when a strong willed human ruins his plans and quickly catches more than his eye - he finds that it's hard to calmly accept your own doom when you have something to live for.

Eternal Kiss of Darkness is a moderately fast paced adult paranormal romance with a strong surrounding plot. It is told from two alternating points of view - both well crafted and unique. The story also deals with guilt and suicidal thoughts/memories. While Eternal Kiss of Darkness is set within Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress Universe, it can also be read as a stand alone novel without any prior knowledge of other Night Huntress Universe books. Readers familiar with the Night Huntress and Night Prince series will find several character cameos in this story. 
Eternal Kiss of Darkness Includes:
  • Profanity: (h*ll, b*llsh*t, etc)
  • Blood drinking
  • Injuries (knife wounds, self inflicted injuries)
  • Torture 
  • Killing (Beheading, etc)
  • Female stripper
  • Lap dance
  • Ogling of Male and Female intimate places
  • Sex scenes (include oral sex, biting, sucking and various other detail)
  • Various illegal activity
  • References to someone using drugs
  • Use of dark arts

Readers going through the Night Huntress Universe chronologically should read this book after First Drop of Crimson (Night Huntress World, book 1) and before This Side of the Grave (Night Huntress, book 5)
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Book Review: Lying Out Loud, by Kody Keplinger

Lying Out Loud
By: Kody Keplinger
ISBN-10: 0545831091
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Sonny has the bad habit of lying to get herself out of trouble. But when she lands herself in a mess involving her best friend, Amy, and the new boy at school, Ryder, things go too far for Sonny to lie her way out, so there’s only one thing left to do: tell the truth.

It contains:

• Profanity (F-word variants, sh*t, d*ck, b*tch, h*ll, *sshole, and godd*mn)
• Kissing and making out
• The main character tells many lies (obviously)
• Brief mention of a teen taking pot (not actually true)
• One character’s mom stranded her
• A parent had multiple boyfriends and it’s suggested that she had sex with them
• Brief reference to a homosexual couple
• Sonny’s father is in jail for committing crimes (it is mentioned that he stole a car)
• Parents get a divorce
• Beer is mentioned at a party

Lying Out Loud is a companion novel to The DUFF, and it contains much less sexual content, though there is still a lot of profanity. The story is just as engaging, entertaining, and explores deep family issues, and fans of The DUFF will be pleased to find cameo appearances from Bianca and Wesley in this book.

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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Book Review: Shattered (Iron Druid, Book 7), by Kevin Hearne

Shattered (Iron Druid Chronicles, Book 7)
By: Kevin Hearne
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With Atticus absorbed with his arc Druid, and Gronuwaile on a mission to save her father, it doesn't seem like a good time for that elusive enemy in Tir na nOg to stir up trouble . . . Too bad he/she didn't get that message.

Shattered, the seventh book in the Iron Druid Chronicles, brings us a new (third) narrator rich in profanity and humor. The additional point of view slows the pacing a bit and the split storyline(s) - two to three - results in a somewhat more jumbled whole, but I doubt serious fans of the series will mind too much, especially when weighed against all the new revelations dished out with a helping of impending doom.

The Iron Druid Chronicles is an adult urban fantasy rich in a diverse selection of mythology with this novel delving into myths from India.

Shattered includes:
  • Full nudity (male and female)
  • References to arousal being unintentionally and clearly evident during puberty
  • Sex implied
  • Band named Lazer Vaginas
  • Killing
  • Injuries (broken bones referenced and blood)
  • Language: d*mn, sh*t, sh*te, *ss, variants of F word, b*llsh*t, b*llsy
  • Reference to person burned alive
  • Witchcraft
  • Possession of individuals by evil things
  • Conversation about people being eaten
  • Exploding body (somewhat gruesome)

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The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
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Monday, February 5, 2018

Book Review: The Fill-In Boyfriend, by Kasie West

The Fill-In Boyfriend
By: Kasie West
ISBN-10: 006233638X
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Gia’s boyfriend, Bradley, dumps her on prom night, so Gia snatches a random stranger to pretend to be her boyfriend. But thinks get complicated as Gia begins developing real feelings for Fill-In Bradley, and vice versa.

This is a young adult book that contains:

• Kissing
• Stumbling upon two people making out
• Lying

The Fill-In Boyfriend is a cutesy, chick-lit style romance book. The story focuses on the characters’ feelings for each other, but there are also some good messages about trying to be a better person mixed into the plot.

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Thursday, January 25, 2018

Book Review: All the Bright Places, by Jennifer Niven

All the Bright Places
By: Jennifer Niven
ISBN-10: 0385755880
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Violet and Finch are a girl and boy who are suicidal and depressed. But maybe, together, one of them can find hope again.

This is a young adult book that contains:

• Profanity (F-word, sh*t, *sshole, p*ss, dumb*ss, son of a b*tch, godd*mn, h*ll, f*ggot, pr*ck, d*mn, slut, and wh*re)
• References to sex
• A couple of un-descriptive sex scenes between teenagers
• Kissing and making out (kissing with tongue and hand under shirt)
• Violence (bullying, child abuse, fighting, references to blood, one character commits suicide)
• Teens smoke, references to drinking at parties, a car smells like cigarettes and drugs, and one character takes sleeping pills

All the Bright Places deals with tough subjects and is best read by older teens, as there is quite a bit of smoking, cursing, sex, and bullying scattered throughout the plot, all involving teenagers.

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Friday, January 12, 2018

Book Review: There Will Be Lies, by Nick Lake

There Will Be Lies
By: Nick Lake
ISBN-10: 1619634406
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Shelby is deaf, but she has always been able to sense that something is off about her quiet, reserved life with her mother. When her mom suddenly takes her on an unexpected road trip through the Grand Canyon, Shelby begins learning all kinds of secrets about the life she thought she knew so well.

It contains:

• Profanity (fricking, p*ssed, h*ll, *ss, and b*tch)
• Violence (stabbing a hand with a knife, a character is ordered to eat a human heart, wielding a shotgun, and chase scenes)
• Shelby has a crush on a boy
• Shelby’s mother flirts with a man and it is suggested that they have sex in a hotel room
• The main character smokes cigarettes
• An adult drinks

There Will Be Lies is part contemporary, part magical realism, and part mystery thriller. Shelby is a funny and relatable narrator, and there’s enough action to keep readers interested.

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Thursday, January 4, 2018

Book Review: Say What You Will, by Cammie McGovern

Say What You Will
By: Cammie McGovern
ISBN-10: 0062271105
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Amy’s body has been disabled ever since she was born. Matthew has a disorder that causes him to constantly be freaked out about germs. When Amy tries making some new friends at school, and starts getting to know Matthew better, she wonders that if together, she and Matthew can balance the other person out, and make each other feel normal.

Parents should be aware that this is a young adult book and includes the following inappropriate content:

• Profanity (a few F-words, as well as sh*t, p*ssed, and two C-words)
• References to and discussions about sex
• Reference to pornography
• Sensual touching
• Kissing
• Reference to marijuana
• Some teens drink alcohol

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