Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Book Review: Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, Book 6), By Jim Butcher

Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, #6)Blood Rites (The Dresden Files, Book 6)
By: Jim Butcher
ISBN-10: 0451463358 (Hardcover)

Solving and stopping a string of ritual killings should be simple business for Chicago's Professional Wizard, Harry Dresden, but when the investigation leads to a discovery about his past, it all gets personal.
Blood Rites is centered around the creation of porn films and the story is infiltrated with sexual awareness, arousal, nudity, situations and disturbing contextual realities. There are no descriptive or first person sex scenes, just a general awareness of concurrent sexual deeds.
There is also:

  • language (including the F word)
  • killing (ritualistic and otherwise)
  • various injuries
  • references to/knowledge of incest
The book contains some very enjoyable developments that add to the overall story of the Dresden Files.
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Exciting News for The Selection Fans!

Kiera Cass, author of the New York Times best-selling Selection Series, recently revealed an exciting surprise: she plans to publish two more Selection novels, and the fourth book, titled The Heir, is scheduled to be released in May 2015. Little is known about it so far besides the tagline, “What happens after happily ever after?” which possibly hints that the books will continue to follow America’s life, or perhaps her children’s.

I’m not exactly sure what to think of the news. On one hand, the third book in the series seemed to wrap everything up pretty solidly; I don’t see why the series needs to have two more books added to it. On the other hand, I really enjoy Kiera’s writing, and if the books turn out to be good, why not publish them? Either way I’m still super-excited to read them.

Two more novellas are also in the making: The Queen and The Favorite, which have been combined and will be sold like The Selection Stories: The Prince & The Guard. This combo will also include a first look at The Heir. Check out the pretty covers below!

the selection stories the queen and & the favorite by kiera cass selection series young adult ya dystopian romance to be released cover
the selection series by kiera cass novella the queen cover hd large
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Book Review: Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, Book 1) by Sarah J. Maas

throne of glass ya young adult fantasy cover large hd by sarah j. maas
Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass, book 1)
By: Sarah J. Maas
ISBN-10: 1599906953
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When Celaena Sardothian is taken from the salt mines and brought to the royal palace, she is offered a choice: live the rest of her life as a slave, or enter a competition to become the king’s Champion.

Knowing she has no choice in the matter, Celaena accepts the offer, and begins training with the Captain of the Guard to regain her strength. When she starts to notice secret passages in the palace, with ghosts that whisper of forbidden things from the past . . . magical things, she realizes that even she, Adarlan’s famous assassin, will have to keep her wits about her.

This young adult fantasy novel is exciting and will keep readers on edge. The first in a series, it contains the following material unsuitable for children:

• Suggestive banter throughout
• Violence (including descriptive killings, but nothing too gory)
• Minor profanity (d*mn and h*ll—b*tch is used twice, though one of the times is Celaena asking Dorian if he is talking about dogs or women)

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Book Review: The Giver (The Giver Quartet, Book 1) by Lois Lowry

the giver quartet book 1 cover hd large paperback edition hardcover by lois lowry dystopian middle grade young adult 1993
The Giver (The Giver Quartet, book 1)
By: Lois Lowry
ISBN-10: 0547995660
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Jonas lives in a perfect Community, where leaders decide everyone’s lives to prevent conflict. During his Ceremony of Twelve, he’s surprised when he is chosen to be a Receiver. When he meets The Giver, whose job is to hold ancient memories for the Community, he begins to teach Jonas about how the world used to be. As Jonas starts to recognize the Sameness in the Community, which has caused strong emotions, like Love, to diminish, he grows frustrated and begins to rebel against the system.

This 1993 novel is slow-paced compared to modern, action-packed dystopians. However, the story arouses thought-provoking questions, and the original writing and intriguing plot will hold readers’ interests.

The Giver is the first installment in a series, and though it’s targeted toward children, it is quite intense throughout. Parents should be aware that it includes the following:

• Jonas has what are called “stirrings” for his friend Fiona, and wants to bathe her in a dream
• The Giver shows Jonas memories of death, loneliness, hunger, and other hardships
• Violence (much talk of “Release,” which readers will know to mean death; blood, vomit, and broken bones are vaguely described, and there is a scene where an infant is injected in the head with a needle and dies)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Book Review: Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3), By Stephanie Meyer

Eclipse (Twilight, #3)By: Stephanie Meyer

Bella's human life is quickly coming to a close, but with so many outside forces clambering to stop her heart, she may not make it to graduation alive. Somehow she must find a way to reconcile the two parts of her heart and life before her time runs out.
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Monday, August 25, 2014

Peace Talks (Dresden Files Book 16) Sneak Peek / Spoilers Dresden Files Film Updated News

Dresden Files book 16
Last Updated: September 3rd, 2014
I'll update as I find out more!

Here's what we know:

Title: Peace Talks

During his reddit.com question and answer session back in May (2014) Jim announced,

"Book 16 will be titled PEACE TALKS, and will probably be one of the more supernaturally violent books to date. :)"

Book Begins: Three months after end of Skin Game and MAGGIE'S LIVING WITH HIM! 
During his Q&A at Dragon Con (August 2014) Jim said, 

"The next book will take place pretty much not too long after the end of this previous one. Normally, there's more or less a year in between them because there's more or less a year in between them and it's just simpler for me, but this one will be, I think there's only - only about three months have gone by. We'll start it in the middle of the next Summer where, you know, Harry is living with his daughter and trying to be a dad while all of this stuff goes down. On the other hand, Maggie does have this big dog and if you want to mess with Maggie you've got to get through the big dog."

Synopsis: While it's early to get a real synopsis, Jim let the following information fly at the Question and Answer he did in Seattle on May 30th (2014)*.

"A summit of the world's supernatural powers is being held to try to establish some sort of equilibrium and to get everything settled down in the wake of the vanishing of the red court. And I'm pretty sure everyone's going to sit down and have a nice cup of tea, there'll be a talk, and walk away holding hands."

Yes, the second half of this was delivered with Jim's typical dead pan humor.

More Molly: During the Reddit Q&A Jim also remarked that we would see a little of how Molly was coping with being the Winter Lady in Skin Game, but we would get more in book 16.

Conclusion: We are looking at some supernaturally violent peace talks during which we will see more of Molly, Maggie (I'm assuming by extension Mouse) and Harry trying to be a dad. Sounds like fun!

Have you heard something more from Jim? Please leave a comment and let us know!

Dresden Files Film News

Well, the series has been optioned again! No, this doesn't mean anything for certain, but it is the first important step. Butcher addressed this at the Seattle Q&A as well. See quote below*.

"This is what I can say: The option is-has been sold again. It has been, has been, yeah I've leased it out again. It's to a major production company who's name I'm not at liberty to share with you, but who's movie probably 90% of the people in this room have seen this Summer already and hopefully, there will be something that comes of it. There has been interest expressed by at least one production company in actually picking it up. I don't know if anything will happen with it but it might. It's Hollywood so nothing's certain until the check is cleared. Just getting the check isn't good enough - it's got to clear. But, I mean hopefully, we'll see something. I think it would, really it would be best as a feature production series - Game of Throne style. I think that's how it would be best but certainly movies are also a possibility. I don't have anything concrete yet, when I do - I will be crowing about it."

*Please note that these quotes are my best attempt to reiterate what Jim said from the video recording. If you notice inaccuracies, please let me know so that they can be corrected.

 Complete Dresden Files Series

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Book Review: Rapture (Fallen, Book 4), By Lauren Kate

By: Lauren Kate
ISBN: 0385739184
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Luce, Daniel and the others must stop Lucifer from wiping out centuries of existence and them with it, but the closer they get to stopping him - the more Luce realizes how central she is to the whole mess.

After three books of more questions than answers, Rapture finally provides the satisfaction of full explanations. The plot itself is entertaining with unforeseen twists and turns that keep appearing to the very end.

Readers should be aware that this book contains:
  • Kissing
  • Making out in underwear (feeling up & down bodies and kissing)
  • injuries (blood, unnatural angel of limbs)
  • Killing (by weapons, fire, strangulation)
  • sacrificial death/killing
Biblical events, places, and figures are mentioned throughout, although Christian readers will find that there are numerous inaccuracies.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Book Review: Winter Is Not Forever - Seasons of the Heart, Book 3

Winter Is Not Forever
By: Janette Oke

On the brink of adulthood, Joshua must figure out what to do with his life after graduation. Only he still hasn't felt a specific calling. What does God want him to do? How will he know, and what should he do in the meantime?

Enjoyable and encouraging, this book focuses on discovering God's plan and the confusion that can accompany this journey. Winter Is Not Forever is the third book in the Seasons of the Heart series and a clean read.
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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Frostbite Movie Crowd Funding Campaign

Today fate of the Frostbite Movie was placed in the hands of the fans.

Over the past number of months the majority of the funds necessary for the production of Frostbite were raised, but the backers have requested one thing to finalize the deal. 1.5 Million dollars raised by the fans. If the crowd funding campaign reaches $1.5 Million dollars by the September 5th deadline - then Frostbite gets the green light and Vampire Academy gets it's sequel.

The Pitch

The Indiegogo page features this video explaining what they are trying to do.

Raised so far:

August 6, 2014 11 AM or so -Campaign Began
August 6, 2014 8:12 P.M. $74,029

How to Donate:

Go to https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/frostbite-a-vampire-academy-film and use the contribute now button.

So that's the deal. Is a Frostbite movie worth funding?

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Book Review: If I Stay (If I Stay, book 1), By Gayle Forman

If I Stay (Book 1)
By: Gayle Forman
ISBN: 0525421033
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Movie News

When a car accident tears Mia's family away and leaves her body broken, she must decide whether to go on living or give up the fight.

If I Stay combines romance and grief in a brief heart-wrenching story about life, loss, family, and hope. The book flips between past and current events in a manor that smoothly moves the story forward. While you could easily read this story as a stand alone book, there is a sequel titled Where She Went.

If I Stay is a young adult novel and includes content inappropriate for younger readers.

  • Profanity (Many uses/variations of the F word and sh*t as well as B*tch and G*d D*mn, etc)
  • "White trash" used in banter
  • Sneaking child into casino
  • Several references to drinking, drunkenness 
  • Rule breaking & references to playing hookey
  • Judaism referenced
  • References to throwing up
  • Jokes about a costume being satanic and damnation
  • Surgery
  • References to blood, broken bones, dead bodies, brain matter
  • Fist fight
  • Brief reference to a woman being pro choice, planned parenthood, the pill, condoms, someone being queer/gay/lesbian
  • Description of woman in labor and giving birth (references to frontal nudity, yelling, much swearing)
  • Parent encouraging child to build up condom supply
  • References to virginity and lack there of
  • Hooking up referenced
  • Much sensual touching of chests, bellies & some clothing removal

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