Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Book Review: Invincible (Chronicles of Nick, Book 2), By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Invincible (Chronicles of Nick, book 2)
By: Sherrilyn Kenyon
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The Paranormal just keeps getting more freaky and now someone is murdering fourteen year old boys. Seeing as Nick is a fourteen year old boy with a bunch of evil hit men already after him, he finds that even more disturbing. Now all he has to do is unravel the mysteries and harness his new found powers if he wants to achieve living for a few more days. Just great.

Invincible (the second Chronicles of Nick book) picks up exactly where Infinity (book 1) leaves off. The story is paced and toned like the prior installment with more revelations and a little less focus on the "I need a girlfriend" angle. Chronicles of Nick is Young Adult, Paranormal Fantasy and incorporates a variety of magic, myth and not human characters such as shape-shifters, vampires, Greek deities etc.

Invincible Includes:
  • Really not wanting to remain a virgin
  • teen's obsession with the opposite sex
  • Kissing 
  • Teen girl gropes teen boy
  • Magic use
  • Language: Holy mother, P*ss, D*ck head, Skum sucking dog, cr*p, bullcr*p
  • references to a picture of someone mooning someone
  • Joke about mother sexually harassing teen (teen's way of objecting to being hugged)
  • Stealing
  • Lying
  • Blackmail
  • Injuries (references to blood and deep slices)
  • Murder (suffocation mentioned and murders made to look like suicides)
  • Gruesome (reference to a heart being cut out of a corpse - not detailed)

Chronicles of Nick:
  • #1 Infinity (Review)
  • #2 Invincible  
  • #3 Infamous
  • #4 Inferno
  • #5 Illusion
  • #6 Instinct
  • #7 Invision
  • #8 Intensity
  • #9 Untitled (exp pub 2018)
  • #10 Untitled (exp pub 2019)
  • #11 Untitled (exp pub 2020)
  • #12 Untitled (exp pub 2021)
  • #13 Untitled (exp pub 2022)
  • #14 Untitled (exp pub 2023)
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Book Review: Devil to Pay (Night Huntress Universe, Novella 3.5) by Jeaniene Frost

Devil to Pay (Night Huntress Universe, novella 3.5)
By: Jeaniene Frost
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After decades of keeping her emotional distance, Elise runs into someone who makes her want to break down those walls. It figures he is the only guy out there with a legitimate reason for being suicidal.

Devil to Play is a stand alone short story in the Night Huntress Universe. It takes place after the third book in the Night Huntress Series, At Grave's End, and cameos several key Night Huntress characters (Cat, Bones, Mencheres). The story flips back and forth between two point of view characters and has a short but satisfying ending.

Devil to Pay is an adult paranormal romance and includes:
  • Drugs & intent to use
  • Attempted suicide and suicide
  • Blood Drinking
  • Sexual references to male and female intimate places, in particular during arousal
  • Profanity (F word, b*llsh*t, etc)
  • Demon possession
  • Killing (references to blood)
  • Full Male & Female nudity
  • Sex scene (brief cut away scene includes clothing removal, references to the act as well as what it feels like)
In comparison to Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress or Night Prince novels, Devil to Pay is extremely light on both the sexuality and the gruesome. Devil to Pay originally appeared in the Four Dukes and a Devil anthology.

Readers who enjoyed Devil to Pay may also enjoy the Charley Davidson series by Darynda Jones.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Book Review: Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, Book 2), by Veronica Rossi

Through the Ever Night (Under the Never Sky, book 2)
By: Veronica Rossi
ISBN-10: 0062072064
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Can Perry and Aria work through their problems and sort out Perry’s troublemaking tribe, the Tides, to find the Ever Night, the only safe haven in the whole Aether?

Through the Ever Night is the sequel to the young adult dystopian book Under the Never Sky. It contains:

• Minor profanity (d*mn, b*stard, h*ll)
• Kissing
• Violence (stabbing, shooting, one character is poisoned, and death)
• Drinking

Through the Ever Night has a milder storyline than the first book, and there is less intrigue concerning the characters. The sexual content is also reduced by a fair amount.

More Under the Never Sky reviews:
Book 1: Under the Never Sky

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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Book Review: Free to Fall, by Lauren Miller

Free to Fall
By: Lauren Miller
ISBN-10: 0062199803
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In a near future, Gnosis is the new app that controls everyone’s lives—it makes every choice, whether it’s a difficult decision or an easy one, for you. When Rory starts attending Theden Academy, the best college around, she secretly feels uneasy about Gnosis’s constant presence. So when she meets North, a young man rebelling against the popular app, the two team up in the hopes of creating something like a revolution.

This is a young adult book that contains:

• Making out (kissing when shirtless and with tongue, references to hookups, one make-out session nearly leads to sex, brief explanation of orgasm)
• Profanity (sh*t, h*ll, *sshole, cr*p, b*tch, and p*ss)
• Violence (simulations involving murders, a death, tying someone’s wrists so tightly they bleed, tranquilizing someone, breaking bone)
• Teens drinking
• A sedative drug is used on one character willingly

Free to Fall is an interesting look at a dystopian society where everyone is saturated with technology. The main characters are likable, but some readers may find the plot a bit slow.

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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Book Review: We Are the Goldens, by Dana Reinhardt

We Are the Goldens
By: Dana Reinhardt
ISBN-10: 0385742576
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Nell has a close bond with her sister, Layla, and she knows Layla’s deepest secret: she is currently in an intimate relationship with one of the teachers at their school. Nell doesn’t want to rat her sister out, but at the same time, she desperately wants to help her overcome something she knows is terribly unhealthy, and she isn’t sure if the loyal or responsible part of her will win out.

This is a young adult book and contains the following:

• Profanity (sh*t, d*mn, h*ll)
• A student is secretly dating their teacher
• Kissing
• References to making out
• References to sex
• References to deaths
• Divorce
• Mentions of drugs
• Underage drinking

We are the Goldens is an informative realistic fiction novel about a student-teacher relationship. Written in second person, it is easy to read, and there is a slight romance aspect on Nell’s part toward the end of the book.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Book Review: The Awakening (Darkest Powers, Book 2), By Kelley Armstrong

The Awakening (Darkest Powers, Book 2)
By: Kelley Armstrong
ISBN: 0061662763
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Chloe may have suspected there was danger in Lyle House, but when the truth turns out to be so much worse than she suspected - escape is the top priority. Of course that would be easier with flesh and blood allies, but sometimes help comes in the most unexpected forms.

Like The Summoning, book one, the ending to The Awakening is abrupt and inconclusive, as if someone stopped the story mid-telling. The plot moves quickly and the character / interpersonal development is enjoyable. Readers will find the creep factor a bit reduced from book one but the violence up a notch.

The Awakening is a young adult urban fantasy and includes:
  • A guy in nothing but boxer shorts.
  • A teen boy/girl hold hands 
  • Thoughts appreciating the body of an individual of the opposite sex
  • Reference to forced prostitution
  • Rape threat
  • A teen girl implies that another teen girl has a flat chest 
  • Physical altercations with intent to harm (hand to hand, knives, and various objects picked up from fight locations)
  • Injuries (Blood)
  • Use of magic to harm
  • a person witnesses a throat being cut
  • Animated Corpses (not super gruesome, but definitely unpleasant)
  • Diabetes & insulin injections 
  • Stealing
  • Necromancy
  • No profanity - that I remember

The Darkest Powers Trilogy:
  1. The Summoning
  2. The Awakening
  3. The Reckoning
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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Book Review: The One and Only Ivan, by Katherine Applegate

The One and Only Ivan
By: Katherine Applegate
ISBN-10: 0061992259
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Ivan is a gorilla who was taken from his home in Africa when he was a baby. Now he lives in a rundown circus with his friend Stella, an elephant, and Bob, the stray dog who comes to visit them daily. One day there is a new animal addition to the circus, and Ivan’s lonely tradition of watching TV, drawing pictures, and performing for the tourists every day will change completely.

The One and Only Ivan is a middle grade novel that includes:

• Throwing balls of excrement at tourists (through a glass window)
• Animals trapped in cages
• References to families being killed and babies being captured
• A death
• Threatening an elephant with a hook
• Feeling lonely and unwanted
• Human characters use minor language like “what the heck” and “darn it”

Parents should be aware that this book is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. The characters are well developed, and the story is easy to read and flows from page to page.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Book Review: The Thief Lord, by Cornelia Funke

The Thief Lord
By: Cornelia Funke
ISBN-10: 0439404371
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A band of thieving, orphaned children scavenge the streets of Venice under the order of their leader, a boy named Scipio, who calls himself the Thief Lord. When Prosper and Bo, who are running from their nasty aunt and uncle, join the ragtag group, they discover that Scipio is hiding a secret, and when it is revealed there will be a powerful, dangerous, and magical change in the course of events.

The Thief Lord is a compelling middle grade fantasy novel based loosely on the story of Peter Pan. It includes:

• Stealing
• Breaking and entering
• Minor profanity (d*mn, h*ll)
• One character holds a gun
• A young boy was abandoned to an orphanage because he misbehaved
• An adult smokes

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Monday, May 8, 2017

Book Review: Attachments, by Rainbow Rowell

By: Rainbow Rowell
ISBN-10: 0525951989
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Lincoln still lives with his mom, and though she is an amazing cook, he’s a grown adult, so he figures it’s high time he started taking care of himself by getting a job.

But the job offered to Lincoln is unlike anything he expected—as an “internet security officer” he’ll be expected to read everyone’s emails in an office building.

When Lincoln starts checking two co-workers’ emails to each other, Beth and Jennifer, he can’t stop reading. Their emails are silly, personal, and absolutely hilarious. Lincoln also thinks he might be falling a little bit in love with Beth, which is a big problem, because he’s never even met her. . . .

Attachments is told in alternating chapters: Lincoln’s point of view, and Beth and Jennifer’s emails he reads.

It contains:

• Profanity (including the F-word)
• References to homosexuality
• Making out
• References to sex
• Reference to porn
• Computer hacking
• Drinking and smoking
• Reference to drugs

Attachments is a very cutesy adult chick-lit novel, although the romance is not the most realistic. It can be read by young adult readers, too, though there is quite a bit of language in it.

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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Book Review: Infinity (Chronicles of Nick, Book 1), By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Infinity (Chronicles of Nick, book 1)
By: Sherrilyn Kenyon
ISBN: 0312599072
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Nick has simple goals in life: Survive highschool, make lots of money, move his mom and himself out of the dump they live in. He doesn't believe in Santa Clause  or the Tooth Fairy, but when the highschool's Football team starts eating people, Nick discovers that surviving a mob of zombies may require acknowledging the paranormal exists - and he's part of it.

Infinity is the first book in the Chronicles of Nick series - one of several series in Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark-Hunter Universe. Infinity deals strongly with fears of becoming just like a negative parental figure, feelings of worthlessness, desires for revenge, and the harsh aspects of poverty. The fast moving plot provides a satisfying ending while setting up ample players, twists, and mysteries for exploration through the rest of the series.

Infinity is a young adult paranormal/urban fantasy told from the perspective of a teen boy who is very interested in getting a girlfriend and being physically intimate. The text strongly represents these facts in his thoughts, the way he describes females he meets, and his comments throughout.

Infinity also Contains:
  • Use of magic/spells
  • References to ancient Greek deities
  • Zombies, Shapeshifters, Vampires, soul devouring creatures.
  • Law Breaking
  • Language (Sh*t, cr*p, Bullsh*t, bullcr*p)
  • Name calling: e.g. Goober, punk, butt, cross dressing freak, jerk weed
  • Extensive sarcasm
  • Couple kisses (cheek and mouth - mentioned, not detailed) 
  • References to being a virgin and not wanting to remain that way. 
  • Mental drooling over females and references to breasts.
  • Sexual assault mentioned playfully several times (teen embarrassed by parent's hugs etc)
  • Several characters are strippers/dancers, there are references to what they do, how they are viewed by others, and others commenting on their assets. Taunting of a loved one of a stripper about seeing said assets.
  • Bullying 
  • cannibalism
  • Injuries (includes: references to arm missing flesh to the bone, gun shot wound)
  • Tasering and use of various weapons.
  • Physically abusive parent mentioned briefly.

Chronicles of Nick:
  • #1 Infinity
  • #2 Invincible  
  • #3 Infamous
  • #4 Inferno
  • #5 Illusion
  • #6 Instinct
  • #7 Invision
  • #8 Intensity
  • #9 Untitled (exp pub 2018)
  • #10 Untitled (exp pub 2019)
  • #11 Untitled (exp pub 2020)
  • #12 Untitled (exp pub 2021)
  • #13 Untitled (exp pub 2022)
  • #14 Untitled (exp pub 2023)
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